Here are some useful -- and FREE -- web tools that will help you manage your digital work. Some require downloads, while others do not. I personally use almost all of these, and I have never gotten spam or other problems from them. You do not have to use any of them period--you may not need them, or you may have something that works better for you.

  1. Zotero: grab citations and web pages from the web as you work, download those JSTOR references (including PDF files), and export them in a formatted bibliography. Sweeeeeet! Lives right inside Firefox (you do use Firefox, right?).
  2. Trying to find a time when everyone can meet? Use Doodle! I use this to schedule independent studies and Lauda Musicam board meetings.
  3. Make that Web Page text look like an e-book. Readability:
  4. Dropbox: Free 2g+ cloud file storage, shareable.
    **use THIS LINK to join, because then we BOTH get 250 mg more space on TOP of the basic 2 gig!!!
  5. The Last Password you need: cloud password generator & access: >
  6. A Twitter manager, integrating Twitter, Facebook, and others: Hoot Suite.
  7. 8 Free and Irresistible Online Resources:

  1. From tech to food to life tips:
  2. Understanding RSS feeds:
  3. Unclutterer:

  1. Open
  2. Portable Apps for your Jump Drive:
  3. GiMP Image Editor: http://