Below my screencasts are more links to the Wikispaces help topics blog and to Ms. Poole's slidecasts. Also, if you find the ads on the side obnoxious, do what I do; use Firefox and install Ad Block Plus in your browser, and voila ... no ads. There are several ad blockers for Internet Explorer, but I haven't used any of them, so have no recommendations. Explore and let us know what works.

Several students have recommended playing the screencasts in one browser tab or window and following along, step by step, in another window or tab. Pause the screencast if you need to catch up. Also, be aware that many of these screencasts were made for a different wiki; colors and items on the navbar will differ from video to video, but ou wiki uses the exact same system. Finally, the main pages of the wiki are now locked, so if they don't show the EDIT button AND you are logged in, you are okay. Look at the page YOU made--you should be able to edit that.

1. How to sign in to Wikispaces and then to our class wiki:

2. How to create your own page:

3. How to add your page to the navigation bar ("navbar"):

4. How to embed a slideshow, video, or any other html material:

5. Useful and FREE Tools:

6. Mastering Subpages

7. A Tour of Wikispaces (This is Wikispaces video on editing and how to work with pages!)