"Some" Insights into Medieval Beliefs About HellBy: Patricia Sweatman


Working Notes
I pulled several articles from J Store and reviewed each article for content and meaning. In doing so I found that the topic is broad and came with a lot of controversy. I attempted to narrow it down to three points that caught my attention and seemed to be a theme in three of the articles. First, original sin and the effect it had on the view of hell seemed like a common theme. Second, was the fear associated with hell and how it helped the church. In addition, there was controversy among the Jews and Christians because of the Christian interpretation of scriptures regarding hell or purgatory.

Question: How did the Christians of the medieval times veiw hell, were there views contiversial, and how did the idea of hell benifit the church?

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Article Critique:

I appreciate the video clip because it really allowed me to put a visual on your article; in other words; while reading I was able to imagine the torment the woman went through in hell. The article was organized well and had a good flow as you for example went from talking about the origin of sin, the doctrines, and the different views of Christians and Jewish beliefs. Your research and supporting facts were well documented and your attention to detail was noticeable. In addition, I wish I had the opportunity to work with you on how to complete a good Article Analysis because yours were awesome and allowed me to better understand how a good analysis is written. Your writing style was easy to understand and you definitely provided supporting arguments that supported your thesis. As for writing grammar, “I ain’t the one to talk” but I will say this read was “easier” to than the most of the articles we had in class. Have a great Summer.